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The increasing demands for a comfortable environment have caused larger energy consumption from heating and air conditioning of the buildings and triggered a public call for carbon reduction. As the leader of solar power station, South holding focus on the solar area 16 years. The solar power station, solar application products and Photovoltaic application materials widely?used?in?the?world, which brings the green new energy and convenience to human, help to reduce the carbon footprints, and produce benefits from solar power generation.

  • MONO 265W Solar Panel

    MONO 265W Solar Panel
  • <b>Flexible 320 Watt Solar Panel</b>

    Flexible 320 Watt Solar Panel
  • On-Grid Type Inverter

    On-Grid Type Inverter
  • 6GFMGEL250 12V250Ah Solar Battery

    6GFMGEL250 12V250Ah Solar Battery
  • PWM 20A 30A 40A 50A Controller

    PWM 20A 30A 40A 50A Controller
  • Roof Structure

    Roof Structure
  • Roof Structure

    Roof Structure
  • Roof Structure

    Roof Structure
  • Roof Structure

    Roof Structure
  • <b>Roof Structure</b>

    Roof Structure
  • Ground Structure

    Ground Structure
  • DC Combiner Box

    DC Combiner Box
  • AC Combiner Box

    AC Combiner Box
  • <b>GFMGEL2000 2V2000Ah</b>

    GFMGEL2000 2V2000Ah
  • GFMGEL1500 2V1500Ah

    GFMGEL1500 2V1500Ah
  • GFMGEL1200 2V1200Ah

    GFMGEL1200 2V1200Ah
  • GFMGEL1000 2V1000Ah

    GFMGEL1000 2V1000Ah
  • GFMGEL500 2V500Ah

    GFMGEL500 2V500Ah
  • 6GFMGEL200 12V200Ah

    6GFMGEL200 12V200Ah
  • 6GFMGEL150 12V150Ah

    6GFMGEL150 12V150Ah
  • 6GFMGEL100 12V100Ah

    6GFMGEL100 12V100Ah
  • <b>GFM2000 2V2000Ah</b>

    GFM2000 2V2000Ah
  • GFM1500 2V1500Ah

    GFM1500 2V1500Ah
  • GFM1200 2V1200Ah

    GFM1200 2V1200Ah
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