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On-Grid Type Inverter

Namkoo On-grid type Inverter Features :

  1. Super wide input voltage range(80V-600V), supporting all varieties of solar panels and string designs
  2. Transformerless, smaller and lighter
  3. One-button safety setting, easy configuration of all parameters
  4. Built-in independent RTC chip, supporting data storage of 25 years
  5. Integrated RS232 / Wi-Fi interfaces, for improved communication
  6. IP65 protection for indoor and outdoor installation

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 Three Phase On Grid  solar Inverter                 
   Phase 3 Phase 4 Wires
Installation Type Wall Mounting Type
Size, D X W X H (mm) 530*355*190 530*355*200 640*450*232 700*530*260 800*550*280
Net Weight (Kgs)     20.5 23 29 33 48 68
 Max. DC Power 6050W 11000W 18150W 24200W 36300W 60500W
Maximum DC Voltage 1000V
MPPT Voltage Range 160-900V 180-900V 280-900V
Nominal DC Voltage 600V
Start-up Voltage 180V 200V 300V
Number of MPP Trackers 2 3
Maximum DC Input Current PV1/PV2     11/11A 22/11A 22/22A 22/22/22A 40/30/30A
Number of DC Connection Sets per MPPT 1/1 2/1 2/2 2/2/2 4/3/3
 AC Nominal Power 5000VA 10000VA 15000W 20000W 30000W 50000W
Maximum AC Apparent Power 5500VA 10000VA 16500VA 22000VA 33000VA 55000VA
Rated AC Current 6.1A 15.2A 22.7A 30.3A 45.5A 76A
Max. AC Current 6.7A 15.9A 25A 33A 50A 80A
Nominal AC Voltage/Range 3/N/PE,220/380V,230/400V,240/415V;180-280V/312-485V
AC Grid Frequency 50Hz,60Hz/44Hz-55Hz,54-65Hz
Power Factor [cosφ] 0.8leading0.8lagging 
Total Harmmonic Distonrtion(THDi) <3%
Feed-in 3L+N+PE
Maximum Efficiency 97.80% 98% 98.40% 98.50% 98.80%
Euro Efficiency (at 360Vdc) 97.20% 97.60% 98.10% 98.20% 98.50%
MPPT Accuracy 99.50%
 DC Reverse-Polarity Protection Yes
Internal Over-voltage  Protection Yes
DC Insulation Monitoring Yes
DC Surge Protection
AC Surge Protection ,
GFCI Monitoring Yes
Thermal Protection Yes
Anti-island protection monitoring AFD
AC Short Circuit Protection Yes
Over Current Protection            Yes
General Data  
Humidity 0%-100% Non-condensing
Operating Temperature 25 to +60℃(45 to 60 with derating)
Noise <35dBA
Altitude 4000m(>3000m power derating)
Consumption at Night <0.6

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