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MPPT 50A 100A 200A Controller

Galaxy series is a Maximum Power Point tracking(MPPT) function with high efficiency MPPT charge controller, It has many advantages such as wide rang of PV input, charger voltage can be set, RS485 or RS232 (optional) and LAN communication port. Modular design, Small volume, light weight, high conversion efficiency. It is the most high-end product in solar market.

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Model Battery system Max. PV input voltage Rated current
Galaxy-B96-XXA 96V(8*12V) 430V 70A;80A
Galaxy-B192-XXA 192V(16*12V) 430V 50A;60A
Galaxy-B216(220)-XXA 216V(18*12V)
Galaxy-B240-XXA 240V(20*12V)

Galaxy-B384-XXA 384V(32*12V) 850V 70A;80A
u MPPT charge mode, conversion efficiency up to 99.5%.
u Charging voltage is adjustable; Three stage charge mode.
u Provide humanized function of human–machine interaction, LCD soft light to show the PV input voltage, Charging voltage, Charging current, Load current and total generating capacity etc.
u RS485 or RS232 ( optional) and LAN communication port, IP and Gate address could be defined by the user.
u Modular design and the lifespan is designed to use for 10 years in theory.
u Products comply with UL, TUV, 3C, CE certification requirements.
u 2 years warranty and 3~10 years extended technical service.
LCD display information
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Remark:  1) Above information is a sample of Galaxy at some point, the parameter displayed will be change at different stage. Such as work state, charge current, charge mode, charge power etc. Under the fault mode, it will display the fault information.  
PC software, Monitoring software, display and set the parameter

Display charge and discharge status, PV voltage, Charge voltage, Charge current etc.
And the related parameter can be set.

Model : Galaxy-BXXX-XXA Series 50A 60A 70A 80A
System type
Galaxy Series
Galaxy-B96 DC96V system (12V battery*8PCS)
  Galaxy-B192 DC192V system (12V battery*16PCS)
  Galaxy-B216 (220) DC216V system (12V battery*18PCS)
  Galaxy-B240 DC240V system  (12V battery*20PCS)
  Galaxy-B384 DC380V system (12V battery*32PCS)
Conversion Efficiency ≥99.5%
Machine efficiency ≥97.5%(rated power)
Charge Method 3 stages: fast charge, constant voltage, floating charge
Galaxy Series
Auto recognition the battery voltage range
Galaxy-B96 DC72V~DC128V
  Galaxy-B192 DC144V~DC256V
  Galaxy-B216 (220) DC162V~DC288V
  Galaxy-B240 DC180V~DC320V
  Galaxy-B384 DC288V~DC512V
Fault system Battery voltage not in the above range
PV characteristic
Max. PV input voltage(VOC) Galaxy-B96 DC430V
  Galaxy-B192 DC430V
  Galaxy-B216 (220) DC430V
  Galaxy-B240 DC430V
  Galaxy-B384 DC850V
Start the charging voltage point Galaxy Series Higher than current battery voltage 20V

Input low voltage protection point Galaxy Series Higher than current battery voltage 10V
Rated PV input power Galaxy-B96 \ \ 7280W 8320W
  Galaxy-B192 10400W 12480W \ \
  Galaxy-B216 (220) 11700W 14040W \ \
  Galaxy-B240 13000W 15600W \ \
  Galaxy-B384 \ \ 29120W 33280W
Charge characteristic
Constant charge voltage value Galaxy Series 14.2V*12V Quantity of batteries 
【H value can be set: (9V<H<16V)*12V Quantity of batteries】
Floating charge voltage value Galaxy Series 13.7V*12V Quantity of batteries
【Rage can be set: (9V<N<16V)*12V Quantity of batteries,meanwhile meet N<H 】
Rated charge current Galaxy-B96 \ \ 70A 80A
  Galaxy-B192 50A 60A \ \
  Galaxy-B216 (220)        
  Galaxy-B384 \ \ 70A 80A
Temperature Compensation 14.2V -(The highest temperature-25℃)*0.3
LOAD Characteristics
Setting Control MPPT controller or PC software
LOAD rated current Galaxy-B96 \ \ 70A 80A
  Galaxy-B192 50A 60A \ \
  Galaxy-B384 \ \ \ \

LOAD over load Galaxy-B96;
Galaxy-B216 (220);
LOAD Control way Dual time control mode, PV voltage control mode, PV&Time control mode, On/Off control mode
LOAD voltage protection Lower than low voltage protection point can be set;
Cancel the low voltage protection can be set.
Communication mode/Protection Function/Cooling way
Communication mode Galaxy Series RS485 or RS232 (Optional) and LAN communication port
Protection Function Galaxy Series PV input low voltage/ under voltage protection; PV input reverse connection protection; Battery reverse connection protection,Battery over voltage/over discharge protection; temperature protection etc.
Cooling way Galaxy Series Intelligent fans cooling
Measurement W*L*H (MM) 300*500*175
Safety UL, TUV, 3C, CE
Type of Mechanical Protection IP21
Humidity 0~90%RH ( no condense)
Altitude 0~3000m
Operating Temperature -20℃ ~ +40℃
Atmospheric Pressure -40℃ ~ +70℃
Remark: Above is company’s standard parameters, any modify please check our official website.

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