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Solar energy storage system

    1、 What are our products and business concept?
    We focus on solar power station, modules of solar power stations well as solar power application products widely used in the world, which brings the green new energy and convenience to human, help to reduce the carbon emission, and make benefits from solar power generation.
    2、 What’s our quality warranty for accessories? 
    For the solar panel ,we offer 25 years quality warranty. As to Inverter, there is offer 5-10 years quality assurance and fault insurance. Finally, 25 years for the holder/bracket, making sure your normal usage

    3、 How to calculate the space?
    According to the latitude difference,1KW system need about 7-10 square meters.5KW system need 35-60 square meters.

    4、 Where is suitable for building up a PV system?
    Factory, Business building roof, House roof, Villa, Pergola, Government public building, The remote pastoral areas and island.

    5、 If the photovoltaic power station has a noise?
    The whole PV-station can normally keep on working 25 years without loud noise. 
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