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Cases of Namkoo Power Co., Ltd-- Namkoo’s reports of fresh successes are kept pouring in Hong Kong photovoltaic market

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As everyone knows that Hong Kong is regared as the shopping paradise. However, it is a brand
new photovoltaic blue ocean in the opinions of photovoltaic people. In Hong Kong, PV industry is
blooming now and the photovoltaic power plants are springing up.

Namkoo Power Co., Ltd thoroughly develops the Hong Kong photovoltaic
Namkoo Power Co., Ltd established Namkoo Power (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd in Sha Tin, Hong
Kong in October, 2018. A professional and efficient team is dedicated to exploring the
photovoltaic market in Hong Kong and providing one-stop services for Hong Kong users,
including customer consultation, project investigation, program design, access application,
engineering installation, grid connection acceptance, and operation and maintenance. At present,
Namkoo has successfully built the high-efficiency and quality photovoltaic power plants for many
Hong Kong users.

Recently, some of Hong Kong photovoltaic power plant cases built by Namkoo Power Co., Ltd

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