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Overseas project of Namkoo--100KW off-grid photovoltaic system project is put into operation in Solomon Islands

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First impression of Solomon Islands Where is Solomon Islands? It is located in the east of Papua New Guinea, about 2,000 kilometers
from the northeast of Australia. There are 990 islands of all sizes. Besides, it is located near the equator, with a typical tropical rain forest climate. The population of the country is about 600,000.
The local economy is mainly based on agriculture, forestry and fishery, while most of themanufacturing industries and petroleum products are imported. The investors in neighboring countries are mainly engaged in the local industrial and commercial activities.
The power supply is insufficient in this country. Generally speaking, only the power supply within the urban area can be achieved, while the the city power supply can not be provided in the suburbs or remote areas, so the diesel is used to generate electricity. However, diesel power generation has many disadvantages, such as high noise, more pollution, high fuel consumption and high cost. At the same time, the country only can import petroleum, so the expensive petroleum price greatly increases the cost of electricity consumed by enterprises. Therefore, it is really a big problem for the enterprises that set up plants in the suburbs.

100KW off-grid photovoltaic system built by Namkoo is put into operation It is reported that the project belongs to the first-phase project of Namkoo in the Solomon Islands
project. It is installed on the roof of the customer's color steel tile plant, taking 10 days.

The off-grid photovoltaic system of Namkoo was adopted in the project according to the local power facilities and the customer’s using status of electricity. The solar panel can generate direct current under illumination and the battery pack can be charged by the charging and discharging controller, which is converted into alternating current by the off-grid inverter to be used by the customer's plant. At night or on a rainy day, the battery pack discharges the electricity directly for use of the user.

After the project is put into operation, the customer can use the photovoltaic power generation to meet the electricity consumption of the plant, instead of the original expensive and polluting diesel power generation method. It is not only green and environmental, but also has a safe, efficient and stable power source, so as to solve the problem of high electricity cost for the customer.
The off-grid photovoltaic system of Namkoo is the bright messenger in the areas without electricity Safe, efficient and stable During the whole promotion process of the project, Namkoo fully prepared and vigorously implemented in terms of program, technology, materials, products and construction. At the same time, it also dispatched the senior photovoltaic engineers to the site for technical guidance, thus ensuring the efficient promotion and high quality of the project. In this regard, the customer is very satisfied with the sincere cooperation with Namkoo, and looks forward to the next successful cooperation.

■Customer’s satisfied smile

With the original intention, Namkoo develops the overseas market.
Committed to becoming the world's leading comprehensive clean energy service provider,
Namkoo Power Co., Ltd has always been deepening and implementing its global development
strategy. At present, its partners and project footprints are all over the world. In particular, it is
very popular in the local market in Southeast Asia, Australia, South America, Africa and West
Asia. It is expected that Namkoo can provide first-class photovoltaic products, the best
photovoltaic power plant solutions and high-quality services for more overseas users in the future.
Looking forward to meeting you
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