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Namkoo yielded unusually brilliant results at the 2018 Dubai Solar Exhibition in the Middle East

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After participating in the Indonesian International Solar Energy Exhibition, the African Solar Energy Exhibition & Kenya Solar Energy Exhibition, the Australian All-energy Exhibition and the Malaysia Green Energy Exhibition IGEM, Namkoo company yielded unusually brilliant results at the 2018 Dubai Solar Energy Exhibition in the Middle East on October 23 to 25.

Namkoo foreign trade elite team

2018 Dubai Solar Exhibition in the Middle East - the largest solar Exhibition in the Middle East
Exhibition area: 25000㎡
Number of exhibitors: 800+
Quantity of audience: 40000+

The exhibits of Namkoo are really excellent and dazzling at this exhibition. It not only presented the grid-connected distributed photovoltaic power station solution for safe and efficient power generation and the off-grid distributed photovoltaic power station solution for people that live in the areas without electricity, but also showed the new flexible components with ultra-light  quality, simple installation method (punching or gluing), customizable style and high flexibility (making the components switch between "S" type and "1" type easily). Many types of portable solar energy products independently developed by Namkoo were also showed at the exhibition.

The leader of the Namkoo exhibition team said that as the largest solar energy exhibition in the Middle East, the Dubai Solar Energy Exhibition in the Middle East has built a perfect trading platform for global PV enterprises to explore the PV market in the Middle East. Last year, Namkoo company participated in this exhibition and successfully established a stable partnership with many companies in the Middle East. It has always been committed to becoming a world-renowned integrated clean energy service provider, so it will not miss the opportunity to further explore the PV market in the Middle East this time. The good news is that the results of this exhibition are very gratifying.

In recent years, it is learned that energy companies in the Middle East have used the local abundant sunshine resources to actively develop solar energy industry. In 2017, the statistical data of the Middle East and North Africa market showed that Algeria purchased 2GW, UAE purchased 1150MW (Dubai purchased 800MW and Abu Dhabi purchased 350MW), Egypt purchased 250MW, Morocco purchased 245MW, Jordan purchased 120MW, Kuwait purchased 85MW and even Saudi Arabia purchased 170MW. According to the view of International Renewable Energy Agency (Irena), the GCC currently has 30 renewable energy projects to be included in the plan, in under construction or have been completed. It is expected that the GCC countries will adopt renewable energy to save 200 billion U.S. dollars by 2030.

As the last station of the 2018 Namkoo Global PV Exhibition Plan, Dubai Solar Energy Exhibition in the Middle East bloomed perfectly, which was not only the witness that Namkoo company deeply open the PV market in the Middle East, but also marked the successful completion of the 2018 Namkoo Global PV Exhibition Plan. At this point, the Namkoo brand is well known in domestic while it is also well known in abroad. More domestic and foreign users can enjoy one-stop service of the boutique photovoltaic power station provided by Namkoo and the high quality life with green and environmental protection.

The pace of progress will never stop. It is believed that Namkoo products will appear in more countries and Namkoo company will contribute more power to the development of global clean energy in the future.

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