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Photovoltaic popular science activity and social events were warmly held in Liantang Village by Namkoo power

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At 8 pm 20th Aug 2016, Namkoo held a big photovoltaic popular science activity and social events in Liantang village,ZhangCha town,Foshan city. Nearly 500 guests took part in this grand party, including the agencies of Namkoo, villagers from Liantang and other area nearby , and some of journalists friends who are from the Guangzhou daily ,Yangcheng evening news, Foshan daily, Zhujiang newspaper, Sina net and Huananjiaju net.

The activities of public advertisement and big promotion attracted lot of residence’s attention.

Namkoo said, it is just a public activity for local people to better understanding of basic knowledge of solar power generation and benefits from that by the way of giving a speech on the spot. Meanwhile,during the period of the activity, Namkoo offered customers with the most favorable discount package.Except that Deposit can be equal to the double amount, you can still enjoy 2% discount extra. what’s more, there is lottery for you to get the TV and refrigerator freely.With the unprecedented promotion package,the purpose of this event is to help more people to know and experience the advantages from solar power station by themselves.With the great enthusiasm and expectation, many of guests lined up a long queue in the reception area for paying deposit.
A villager from Liantang Village stated that he didn’t know about solar station before. But after this event,he became aware that there are a lot of advantages of the PV system and the cost of the investment can be recovered within 6 to 7 years.What’s more ,this time Namkoo offered the best price for them. If they missed, next time there will be no more change, so he payed the deposit immediately.

Signing contracts,winning big discount! Splendid interactive performance,wonderful atmosphere!

Namkoo prepared a lot of good shows for this Public service activity, cheerful clown, famous singers and Sichuan opera face artist.the clown played games with guest and made them laughing, the performance of Sichuan opera face made them screaming.When it came to the part of signing, beautiful voice made the atmosphere to a climax ,applauding and shouting never stop.

Meanwhile,there are a lot of interactive questions about the basic knowledge of PV station.All of villagers scrambled to answer firstly , which made the event lively.

A villager said this activity was wonderful, which not only spurred the learning atmosphere, but also universalized the basic knowledge of the photovoltaic system as well as brought the substantial benefits to all of villagers,hoping there will be more social events just like this in the future.

Face-changing artist performed in site; Double happiness approaching,surprise keep coming!

There was a sea of people gathering in site! No matter who paid the deposit on the spot immediately,he can not only get the deposit double use and have 2% extra discount, and is qualified to take part in the lottery activity either.In the end,the lottery finally extracted 9 luckier, including 5 third prize,3 second prize, and 1 first prize.They respectively got the induction cookers, Omar small refrigerators and Kanga 43 inch LCD TV in order.Mr.Chen,the biggest prize winner,said he was about to set up the 15 Kw solar power station at home.And,it was tremendously lucky for him to get this prize,not only getting the deposit double usage, but also having the 2% extra discount.this good lucky is all brought by Namkoo,hoping Namkoo can have a better development in future. 

As the leading company of household solar power station, Namkoo dedicate itself to build up the best family solar system,set up the high-quality industrial benchmark.Meanwhile,letting the user make money during the period of enjoying a long-term and high-quality service. Finally,Offering the custom-made engineering technology solutions for each customer, providing system of energy storage scheme for remote areas, provide system for cash-strapped customers of bank financing, and supplying a comprehensive methods to guarantee the users’profit.

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