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Namkoo—The first experience store in Guangxi province has opened.

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In 17th of September 2016, the third day of mid-autumn festival ,Namkoo entered into the market of Xishan town, Guiping city, GuangXi province  officially. It is the first store of namkoo in Guangxi province,which brought a heavy color for this cool Autumn.

With establishment of this store, there’s no doubt that it made a strong radiation and stimulation to the surrounding towns and cities.And, it also played a significant role for Namkoo to further explore the market of south China, enter into the southwest and even the whole Chinese territory. According to the statement from Namkoo’s reporter,the completion of the store marked the beginning of company’s marketing network from south  to southwest and northeast Chinese market. Next step, Namkoo will continue to open the new stores in Guangdong ,Guangxi, Inner Mongolia, Yunnan ,Fujian, Chongqing, Hunan, Dongbei, Beijing, gradually complete the comprehensive layout for the all of market.

Based on the reports,it is the first solar power store in Guangxi province, which occupies 100 square meters about and consists of the  reception area, components exhibit area, power station model area, other solar power products exhibition area ,business area and so on. Customers can learn much of basic knowledge and principle theories about distributed solar power station by the way of carefully watching the samples and consulting from the staff on site.

Labeled with the strong local traditional elements, the experience store is grandly opened.From the performance of burned incense to sacrifice and  lion dance to formal product introduction,every step was full of the great enthusiasm and eagerly expectation from the local people,which made the whole opening ceremony feeling warmly and joyfully.

Especially, at the section of lion dancing ,the wonderful show made the guests applauding frequently and loudly. when the lion climbed to the top of the pole and hit the target, the blessing words of“Money and treasures will be plentiful, guest like clouds”, pushing the on-the-spot atmosphere into the summit.it is not only the sincere blessing for the namkoo,but also for all of guests presented. 

During the event, more than 100 guests and elites from all social circles attended the ceremony. Namkoo introduce its products,auxiliary service system,target and operational principle,which had won the confirmation and praise from all of guests.

There is a guest saying that he has known about the advantages of civil distributed system long-time before and have been always thought about to build a solar power station in his house roof. Due to haven’t found the trustful brand, this plan has to be delayed till now. This time,with the opportunity of Namkoo coming here,he will definitely catch this chance to finish his wish.

After well understanding the detailed situation of the Namkoo’s products and services, all of the guests jostled to try and consulted from the on-sit staff with the great interests. After that, Mr.Kong of the directly responsible person there announced a great promotion package for all of guests.If any of them can sign the contract with above 5kw equipment now, there will be a 5% discount and extra RMB1000 deduction for them,it pushed the atmosphere to the climax; Only with two hours’ activity, there has already over 10 potential customers show the interests and pay the deposit for solar station.

Namkoo said, with the super rich resources in solar power, and Guangxi is very suitable for the exploration and application of PV-station ;Company will absolutely stick to the principle of “build up fine and qualified power station”,make a great contribution to the aspects of global clean energy development,improvement people’s living standard and rebuild a blue sky by the means of Globalization channels,advanced marketing method as well as continuous R&D and innovation.

Namkoo power individual-user PV-system

Namkoo power station-the project in Nanzhuang Foshan
Namkoo power station-the project in Lishui Foshan
Namkoo power station-the project in Tongliao Inner Mongolia
Namkoo power station-the project in Zhongshan Guangdong
Namkoo power station-the project in Dongguan Guangdong

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