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Namkoo Power, Xiqiao experience store grand opening!

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The leading company of individual family user of solar power station!

With the constantly increasing number of the new dealers and PV stations that are still under construction, Namkoo Power has entered into the fast development lane since the second half year of 2016. Till August, the uprising trend is also unstoppable. In 2nd August, Xiqiao experience store of Namkoo Power was grandly opened after monthly preparation. At the same day, there was a production promotion meeting held in the WangJiao hotel, and more than 200 guests visited us at the spot.

In the early morning and before the ribbon-cutting ceremony, people who are one after another gradually gathered around doorway of the experience store. With the great passionate, everybody started to study the products in a joyful mood.

At 10:30am, with the sound of a string of firecrackers, the ribbon-cutting ceremony is officially started. The general manager mr.Liu xiangfeng of Namkoo power, mr.Tan the dealer of Xiqiao experience store and other guests attended this event, and announced the store opened. 

As the first experience store in Xiqiao town, it has 200 square meter space approximately, keeping the unique decoration style of Namkoo Power. All of designs in store are strictly stick to the layout offered by headquarter, which include the following several different display area-front desk, solar power production and stereomodel, negotiation space. It has a well presentation of the solar power generation stereomodle by the way of “product+model”, also deeply annotates its brand concept. 

Subsequently, there held the production promotion meeting and event of lucky draw. At the same time, Namkoo Power’s relevant primary personnel gave a very detailed speech about a full set of products and the usage theory, bringing a fabulous spirit food to all of guests.  

Namkoo’s Xiqiao experience store has been grandly opened, which is a another gorgeous turnaround of its off-line store. Mr.Tan, the president of Xiqiao experience store, stated that the reason that making him choose the solar power industry is because it’s a trend industry with the bright prospect. Based on the influence of Namkoo’s brand and a diligent and lively technical team, Mr.Tan is very confidence that he will successfully complete his target for better serve the local customers. 

Statement from the related personnel of Namkoo, with the good situation in economy, the store in Xiqiao will be a key point of the company’s market layout in Foshan. With the main target of building up the highest quality power plants, Namkoo Power will continuously make a greater contribution to the development of global clean energy, improve the living standard for all of mankind, finally creates blue sky for us by the means of global channels, scientific means and continuous R&D and innovation.
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