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Chinese Building Fair—Namkoo lead the new trend of solar power

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From 8th -11th Jul ,2016, the 18th annual China (Guangzhou) international building decoration fair sponsored by the China foreign trade center was  held in international exhibition center from Pazhou pavilion, Guangzhou. As the leading brand of household solar power plants,with the elaborate booth design and multiple-diversified products exhibition, Namkoo attracted crowded dealers from all over the world to visit the booth and negotiate business.it raised a new trend to the solar power in fair.

Large-scale industry carnival, Namkoo debuted splendidly

This large-scale communication meeting of solar power industry attracted nearly 2400 exhibitors from all over the world.The total display area was as big as three hundred and eighty thousands square meter ,it is the biggest annual event among the building decoration industry.Namkoo, as the one of leading brands of household solar power plant, specially be invited to attend the fair. 

According to the marketing responsible people feedback,this time Namkoo’s booth was designed by the idea of circular arc,simple and creative.It well Combined practical function with fashion design,making  the itself very unique among many other booths.Meanwhile,for the better displaying the products and concept,we used the way of“product with model”to present the products to customers.That can not only let consumers touch and observe the  products ,but also advocate the theory of the whole of solar power system by showing models of flat roof, the arbor and other kinds of building for them.There are a lot of visitors coming and signing the contracts on the spot.

This Fair also attracted many reporters from GD TV station, Guangzhou evening newspager, Guangzhou daily newspaper and Phoenix net.Namkoo’s business director statement,with the proprietary technology,R&D advantage, Namkoo will keep moving forward and play a bigger contribution for creating a low carbon, environmental protection, green home.
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