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Namkoo Power-prosperously opened the experience store in Meizhou city

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At 9am 25th September 2016, Namkoo power Meizhou showroom is officially opened    under the background of the sound of bursting firecracker and the din of gong and drum. When taking off the red-ribbon covering on the plaque slowly, the tablet with the characters of “ Namkoo Power-distributed solar power station showroom” is brilliantly attracted. Meanwhile, lots of crowd stopped and joined the grand opening ceremony.

Locating in the northeast of GuangDong province, closing to the Jiangxi province at north part, linking to the Fujian province at the east part, the showroom of Meizhou city is the very important and significant basement for Namkoo power to expand the market in south of China. Based on here, Namkoo Power can expand its influence and image of brand to the province nearby GuangDong, and also build up the firm foundation for entering into the market of east of China. 

Further more, it will closely and continuously stick to the principle of “build-up fine solar power station for individual-family users”, and take this as its own core responsibility. Later, Namkoo Power will open the showroom all over the JiangXi, FuJian, ZheJiang, JiangSu province, step by step, complete the layout in south and east of China.

With the fabulous opening ceremony of Meizhou showroom, it means that Namkoo Power has brought the PV station to the Meizhou city and local residency, will make the local public earning profits from it and the national policy. At the scene of opening ceremony, there are a lot of flower baskets lining along the two sides of path, which stands for the warm and eager expectation  from the local public.

After customers at scene had a specific understanding of theory of usage and how to generate the electricity of Namkoo Power individual-user solar power station, all of them showed great interests on this project, and also consulted a lot of profit relative questions form staff. 

Guest mr.wang from the opening ceremony said that he already knew the advantage of individual-user PV station from the news, and wanted to build a station at his house’s roof-top since that time. Due to there’s no a trustful brand, he put off the plan. But, this time, with the opportunity of Namkoo Power entering into MeiZhou market, he expressed that he will catch this change and build a station.

After getting a detailed situation of individual-user PV station, customer miss Li decided to build a 5K solar power station immediately and set up a timetable with the local dealer about house’s spot exploration. When finishing it, Namkoo Power will make out a particular design plan and construction scenario, finally make sure miss li will enjoy the convenience of clean energy soon.

The owner of Meizhou experience store said that he started to get touch with the individual-user PV station since several months ago. But, he decided to cooperate with the Namkoo Power until through many rounds of comparison, analysis and negotiation. After 1 month elaborate preparation in terms of choosing shop location, figuring out the design plan and completing the decoration, he had a grand opening ceremony in 9.25 and believe that there will be a stable and bright future for Namkoo Power, which will not only bring the reliable clean energy and stable profits to local residency, but also make his business grow constantly.

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