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South power - the first experience store in Guangxi grand op

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September, the Southern Control sent the blessing, September 17, the third day of the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, the official control of the South Power assigned to Guangxi Guiping Xishan Town and welcomed the South-controlled power in Guangxi, the first experience store grand opening, This is undoubtedly for the gradual cooling of the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday to add a touch of gorgeous color.
The experience of the establishment of the shop, no doubt the surrounding towns and cities have a very strong radiation and stimulating effect, for the expansion of the South China market, into the southwest market and the national market is of great significance; South power control official said that the establishment of the experience shop South China-Southwest-Northeast market network layout of the beginning; the next, the South-controlled power will continue in Guangdong, Guangxi, Inner Mongolia, Yunnan, Fujian, Chongqing, Hunan, Northeast, Beijing and other places have gradually developed experience store, Complete the overall planning and layout of the market.
It is reported that the store as the first solar experience store in Guangxi, the store area of about 100 square meters, the functional area is divided into front reception area, component display area, power station model display, other solar energy products, business negotiation area and other regions. Customers can view and consult a detailed understanding of distributed household photovoltaic power generation systems and principles.
From the incense to the sacrifice, from the lion to the mining green, from the preaching to the consultation, all links are showing the people of Guangxi and the South-controlled, the South-controlled power Guangxi Guiping experience store opened, the whole process are showing strong local characteristics and cultural customs; People's enthusiasm and uncertainty, making the whole opening ceremony is full of sunny taste.
Especially in the lion dance session, wonderful performances ushered in the presence of guests bursts of applause, when the lion climbed to the top of the mining blue, "financial resources into a wide, off like clouds" blessing roll out, the atmosphere reached the climax. This is not only the blessing of the South-controlled power, but also the presence of each guest's blessing.
In this case,
At the event, more than 100 guests and elitists attended the ceremony. South control power related person in charge of the South-controlled power goals, ideas, products and supporting service system, won the guests of praise and praise.
Site guests said before the transfer from the news to understand the advantages of using photovoltaic power station, has always wanted to build a power plant in their own roof, but did not find a trusted brand, so has been delayed down, this time, South power settled in Guangxi, He must seize the opportunity to build a household PV power station.
After a detailed understanding of the South-controlled power products and supporting services, the scene guests are eager, with great interest to the presence of staff for consultation; Since then, the South Guiping Guiping power store in charge of the audience throw the audience 95% Successful signing of 5KW and above to send 1,000 yuan value super gift packs and other super discount, the opening scene atmosphere to a climax; in just two hours of opening event, there are more than 10 local customers ordered the appointment of South power plant.
South control power of the relevant responsible person also said that Guangxi has a very rich solar energy resources, is very suitable for the development and application of photovoltaic power generation projects; South control power will continue to adhere to "build quality power station" as the goal, through the globalization channel, Scientific and technological means, continuing research and innovation, and strive for the global clean energy development, improve people's quality of life, the construction of the blue sky to make greater contributions.
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