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The National Energy Board to mention the eight requirements

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December 3 - 4, the National Energy Bureau deputy director Liu Qi went to Linfen City, Shanxi Province, research on PV pilot poverty situation, and hosted a symposium on PV poverty alleviation. The meeting summed up the years of Shanxi Province to carry out the work of poverty alleviation work experience, analysis of the difficulties and problems, the next step to expand the work of poverty alleviation policies of photovoltaic measures.
Liu Qi fully affirmed the achievements of the PV poverty alleviation pilot project in Shanxi Province, and believed that the various models in the pilot project of poverty alleviation have played a positive role in pulling poverty out of the poverty-stricken areas, expanding rural investment and promoting local economic development. Shanxi Province and Linfen, Datong cities in the photovoltaic poverty alleviation work organization, fund raising, project implementation and other aspects of the positive exploration, introduced the relevant supporting policies, and achieved initial results.
Liu Qi stressed that the CPC Central Committee and State Council attached great importance to poverty alleviation work, just held a central poverty alleviation work conference sounded the assault fortified positions on the current and future a crucial task to make the deployment. We should conscientiously implement the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the Eighth Central Committee and the Central Committee on Poverty Alleviation, raise awareness of the work of poverty alleviation of the PV, and actively and securely promote the work of poverty alleviation across the country on the basis of the pilot experience.
Liu Qi to further improve the work of photovoltaic poverty alleviation put forward eight requirements:
First, it is necessary to accurately identify the object of poverty alleviation, focusing on the construction of the file card without the ability to work poor households, poverty alleviation and other poverty alleviation way to co-ordination, good convergence.
Second, according to local conditions to choose construction methods, according to the distribution of poor households, land resources, grid access conditions, according to local conditions to build household photovoltaic, village power station, photovoltaic agricultural greenhouses and centralized photovoltaic power plant. Encourage to explore "PV +" various modes.
Third, to the county as a unit to develop PV poverty alleviation implementation plan, so that the project and poverty alleviation target precision docking, the National Energy Board will report in accordance with the local implementation of the program in a timely manner issued PV poverty alleviation construction scale.
Fourth, multi-channel financing. Local government should integrate various poverty alleviation funds, financial institutions to provide preferential loans, to encourage state-owned enterprises, private enterprises to actively participate.
Fifth, to implement the electricity purchase and subsidy policy. Grid companies to achieve full acquisition of photovoltaic power generation projects, monthly settlement of electricity in full. National priority to protect the PV poverty alleviation project subsidy payment.
Sixth, we must strengthen the technical and quality supervision and management. Photovoltaic Poverty Alleviation Project Procurement by the state testing and certification body certification of advanced equipment, to choose a financial strength, technology and management capabilities of enterprises to undertake photovoltaic construction and operation and maintenance of poverty alleviation projects.
7, is the power grid enterprises to increase investment in poverty-stricken areas of rural power to invest in poverty alleviation projects for the timely grid and reliable operation to provide technical support.
Eight, to strengthen the organization and coordination, the establishment of the provincial (autonomous regions and municipalities) overall responsibility, the city (prefecture) to implement the work mechanism, so that a clear division of responsibilities, responsibilities to the people, responsibilities in place to work together to promote PV poverty.
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