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Namkoo Power and Sun Yat-sen University established a Joint Research Center on photovoltaic power plants.

Namkoo Power signed a strategic partnership agreement with KYOCERA Corporation of Japan, one of Fortune Global’s 500 top firms.

Namkoo Power reached strategic cooperation status with Trina Solar Limited (TSL), a NYSE publicly listed company holding records in solar component sales numbers.

Namkoo Power jointly established high-quality power plants with global leaders in inverters, such as SMA, HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. LTD. and Growatt. Namkoo acquired Tianjin Yushen and built a 1.2 billion watt-hour power battery factory in East China.

For society: we provide clean energy for humanity.We find solutions for the sustainable development of humankind.

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Our mission
For customers: solar power generation technology and services provided by Namkoo Power will enable people to easily enjoy the convenience and benefits of clean energy.
For the employees: we create a challenging and rich in learning environment, we improve employees’ skills and their general work and life quality.
For the shareholders: We benefit the long-term interests for the shareholders. In the future, Namkoo Power will be internationally known as a technology and service leader.
For society: we provide clean energy for human beings, solving the challenge of sustainable development for humankind.
Core values

Honesty: We believe that true communication should come from holding our promises, mutually trusting each other and making each other profit from our relationship.
Enthusiasm: We provide service with a modest and eager attitude and actively pursue high-quality service.
Respect: We respect our industry’s ethics and professionalism and have established a tolerant and understanding corporate culture.
Innovation: We have a long-term vision and pursue technological and strategic innovations. 
Our vision
To become the world’s first-class household solar power expert

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