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EL(Electrolum Inescence) Test
Check potential defects of modules

Solar Module Flash Test

Check output power for modules and its output characteristics

Laminate different materials into one piece through vacuum(under temperature of 145 °  for 16 mins)

Back film-Eva-Solar cell-Eva-Glass, are stuck together by the glue through 145 degrees high temperature for 16 minutes. 

In this step, long-chain polymers are cross-linked to productions is checked chemically by us when it reaches the laboratory, to see whether the achieved degree of cross-linking is at least 80%.

Namkoo controls the parameters of the lamination process for each lamination run according to the manufacture' s date for eva (abbreviation for ethylene vinyl acetate; a transparent plastic layer), since the parameters differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. What is decisive for us is a test, which checks the cross-linking of eva. Eva protects the solar cells against corrosive influences from outside. The solar cell is so to speak "encapsulated" and thus protected against water ingress.

Frame and Clean
Frame the modules for seal and security.
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