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Another Solomon Islands project 72KW energy storage photovoltaic system is about to be put into use

This project uses an energy storage photovoltaic system. Under the light, the solar panel generates DC power, charges the battery pack through the charge and discharge controller, and converts it to AC power through the off-grid inverter.

Glory continues! Nankong wins two industry awards

Nankong was invited to participate in the 2019 China PV Innovation and Development Boao Forum jointly organized by PGO Photovoltaic Green Ecological Cooperation Organization, China Industrial and Commercial and Household Photovoltaic Brand Alliance, and the "China Industry, Commercial and Household Photovoltaic Brand Alliance 2019 Annual Meeting" held concurrently. The China Industry, Commerce and Household Photovoltaic Brand Alliance, referred to as CHPBA for short, won the "2019 National Award for Outstanding Industrial, Commercial and Household Photovoltaic Enterprises". Chairman Liu Xiangfeng won the "2019 National Industrial, Commercial and Household Photovoltaic Special Contributor Award".

Nankong Power Awarded Again

On December 18, the 2019 Guangdong Solar Industry Development Summary Conference and the 20th Anniversary Celebration of the Association were grandly held in Guangzhou. Nankong Power won the “Distributed Photovoltaic Power Station Development Influential Brand” and “Household Photovoltaic Influential Brand”, highlighting Nankong Power ’s strong brand strength and good customer reputation. Leaders and experts from the Southern Energy Regulatory Bureau of the National Energy Administration, the Guangdong Provincial Energy Bureau, the Guangdong Social Organizations Administration, the University of Science and Technology of China, the Guangzhou Energy Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Industry-University-Research Commission, corporate executives and media journalists The meeting was held to discuss industry trends, cutting-edge technologies, standards and policies, and policy trends. On November 8th, Nankong Power won the honor of "2019 Top 100 Distributed PV Service Providers in China", on November 21st it won the "2019 Outstanding Distributed PV System Brand Award", and on December 11th it was awarded "2019 National Industrial, Commercial and Household Outstanding Photovoltaic Enterprise Award ", was awarded the" National Special Contribution Award for Industry and Commerce and Household Photovoltaics in 2019 "on December 11. This award is the fifth time that Nankong Power has won an important industry award this year, reflecting that Nankong's achievements in the field of distributed photovoltaics are highly recognized and praised by authoritative organizations. The award is for better progress. This award will inspire Nankong Power to make persistent efforts, innovate, strive for excellence, innovate products, upgrade services, and ingeniously build high-quality photovoltaic power stations. In the future, we believe that the customer-centric Nankong Power will surely enjoy a cleaner and more efficient life and production for customers and society, and win more honors and reputations. Send feedback History
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